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Getting started with RavenDB in Docker for Windows

RavenDB is a NoSQL database which can run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and in Docker Containers. Running RavenDB inside a container on your developer machine enables you to have the latest version of the database available with minimal setup. RavenDB has a community license which you can get free of charge. The community license

Installing Docker on Windows and setup your first .Net Core website

Docker is the de facto standard for application containerisation. Application containerisation refers to when you run your applications within “containers” under a single operating system. This allows a system to run more apps versus if you had to run each app in its own operating system on a hyper-visor. This guide shows you how to

Hello World

Hi, I'm Ruben! Welcome to my very first blog post ever! First, let me share a little bit about myself. I'm married to a wife and have two kids, a girl and a boy. I am a fan of Honda sports cars having owned a Honda CRX Del Sol which I sold to buy my