I’m Ruben Mamo, a programmer based in Malta.

I blog about code, technology, web, IoT, cloud and how I’m teaching my kids to love technology.

I’m married to a wife and have two kids, a girl and a boy. I am a fan of Honda sports cars having owned a Honda CRX Del Sol which I sold to buy my current daily driver which is a Honda S2000 AP1. I have been interested in technology (particularly programming) from a very early age. My father used to let me sit on his lap whilst he wrote small basic programs on an Atari 130xe which is how my passion on technology started. I have always worked in the technology sector. I started off as a computer technician/system administrator, later on as a software developer. I’m currently leading a number of software development teams at KPMG Digital Solutions, however this blog, its content and opinions are my own.

Have a look at my first ever blog post to learn more about what my blog is about. Read this post If you’re interested in the story of how I became a programmer.