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Microservices with Azure Service Fabric

During the past months, I’ve been looking at the different options for hosting applications built with a microservices architecture. It was during this research phase that I discovered Azure Service Fabric. This post will serve as an introductory post for a series of post on how to build applications using Azure Service Fabric. Options for Building

Thoughts on Developers and Not Invented Here Syndrome

I’m often asked to build applications which are similar to existing applications built by third parties. This article will explore the Not Invented Here Syndrome and will try to answer the question of when to build and when to use existing solutions

A Day since I Promoted My Blog - Reactions & Feedback

I had started working on my blog at the beginning of November when I bought the domain and hosting. Yesterday was the day when I officially shared my blog for the first time with a wide audience. In this post, I’ll share my experience of going live with a blog. Preparation Now, this wasn’t my

Using the Cubetto with Direction Indicators

My 3-year-old daughter enjoys playing with the Cubetto, however, she was having a hard time with the commands to change direction. In my review of the Cubetto, I mentioned that I will experiment with putting stickers on top of the Cubetto. This post describes how I tackled this and the reaction of my 3-year-old. Modding