A Day since I Promoted My Blog - Reactions & Feedback

I had started working on my blog at the beginning of November when I bought the domain and hosting. Yesterday was the day when I officially shared my blog for the first time with a wide audience. In this post, I’ll share my experience of going live with a blog. Preparation Now, this wasn’t my

My First Commit to an Open Source Project

I've been working as a developer for a long time now. However, I've avoided contributing to open source projects. I guess the main reason was that I was somehow uneasy with the kind of reviews my contribution would receive. What if my contribution is met by a review similar to the review by Linus Torvalds in this article?

How I Became a Programmer

I’m lucky in that I consider the work that I do to earn a living as my hobby. This means I really enjoy most of my days at work. I have not taken the normal path to become a programmer. Even though I didn’t go to university, I still managed to work in the industry