Solved: Azure Functions in Azure Container Apps - Unable to resolve service for type IHostingEnvironment while attempting to activate DefaultApplicationInsightsServiceConfigureOptions

As mentioned in my previous post I am currently switching my wife's eshop from Azure App Services to Azure Container Apps. The solution itself uses an Azure Functions project to perform asynchronous operations triggered via queued messages and uses Azure Application Insights for logging and monitoring.

Solved: NETSDK1045: The current .NET SDK does not support targeting .NET Core 3.1.

I recently started working on a new project with .NET Core 3.1 using Azure DevOps as my CI/CD pipeline. I was using an on premise build agent (not hosted) with Visual Studio 2019 and teh .Net Core 3.1 SDK installed on it. I started getting the following error in the Nuget Restore step when attempting

Solved: "This version of Microsoft.AspNetCore.App is only compatible with the netcoreapp2.1 target framework. Please target netcoreapp2.1 or choose a version of Microsoft.AspNetCore.App compatible with netcoreapp2.2."

I’ve been working on a project using .Net Core 2.2. During the course of development I needed to add an SQL Database project to the solution. Everything was building correctly on my local machin, however, the build started failing when I committed and pushed to Azure Devops. The initial issue was that the SQL Database

Installing Docker on Windows and setup your first .Net Core website

Docker is the de facto standard for application containerisation. Application containerisation refers to when you run your applications within “containers” under a single operating system. This allows a system to run more apps versus if you had to run each app in its own operating system on a hyper-visor. This guide shows you how to