Solved: "A service installation section in this inf is invalid" error when installing WiFi driver on Windows Server

I've been working on setting up a service fabric cluster (read more on service fabric if you're interested in the technology) using some old laptops I had lying around. I installed Windows Server 2016 without issues. Then I tried to install the WiFi drivers in order to have network and internet access on the laptops. However, I kept getting "A service installation section in this inf is invalid" when trying to install the WiFi driver.

It turns out that Windows Server doesn't ship with the Wireless LAN Service installed. In order to use WiFi on a Windows Server you need to have this service installed. Luckily this can be easily done using a PowerShell command. First you need to open a PowerShell prompt, make sure you run it as administrator. Then run the following command:

> Add-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking

Restart your machine after the command executes and then install the WiFi driver. You might need to restart your machine again after installing the driver before you can connect to a WiFi network. At least I had to restart my machine again.

You should now be able to connect to a WiFi network.

Published in: Troubleshooting